#omd2nails – Chevron // Zoya Ziv, Dove + Bevin

#omd2nails chevron nail art zoya dove bevin ziv -002

Hey girlies!

This is another quick one :) I’m house-sitting for my Mum at the moment, so I don’t have much of my nail gubbins with me, but I do have some photos that I took to catch up on all the prompts I’ve missed so far!

So, today’s nail art is the chevron one. I used Zoya Ziv (gold), Bevin (greyish green) and Dove (pale-medium grey). I freehanded the chevrons with the skinny bottle brush, then used a liner with Ziv to even it all up a bit :) the sun’s been out a lot recently though, so my hands seem very pale in this photo from a week or two ago!#omd2nails chevron nail art zoya dove bevin #omd2nails chevron nail art zoya dove bevin ziv #omd2nails chevron nail art zoya dove bevin ziv -001


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#omd2nails (catchup!) – Ombre

#omd2nails ombre Shimmer polish Jennifer

This isn’t a realy ombre. I actually did another one before it, but I didn’t like it well enough to take photos! Instead of doing a progression with 5 colours, I could only find 3 that I was really happy with - China Glaze’s Fade into Hue (periwinkle/lavendar-blue), Fancy Pants (dark blue, pink shimmer) & Man Hunt (dark blue). So, my thumb is the same colour that I put on my index fingers, and I replaced one nail with a glitter mix - Jennifer by Shimmer Polish. I used this polish in combination with Fade into Hue in a previous mani (here) but forgot about it, haha! Continue reading →

#OMD2nails – Funky French

#OMD2nails Funky French Mani Nail Art Dance Legend T-1000 nail polish

Hi girlies!

I hope everyone’s having a nice weekend :) I was just treated to dinner by my lovely man.

It’s been really hot here since Thursday. Thank goodness, it’s just broken into a storm and has cooled down. Last night, the heat made me a little crazy. At 3am I not only finished the washing up, I also decided it was a great time to wash the kitchen floor, disinfect the bin, wipe down all the cupboard doors, sinks, etc… So I woke up late but still tired, and pretty grumpy, as you can imagine !

Anyway, on to the nails! My favourite type of French is a holo French! So I used one coat of Butter London Nail Foundation, then did a French tip in T-1000 by Dance Legend (New Prism Collection), and a coat of Piper Polish Spectraflair top coat (I think it’s this one, but the bottle has changed…). And added some dashes and dots with a nail art pen. Pretty funky, huh!
#OMD2nails Funky French Mani Nail #OMD2nails Funky French Mani Nail Art Dance Legend T-1000
#OMD2nails Funky French Mani Nail Art Dance Legend T-1000 polish



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#omd2nails – (Fruit Pastel) Rainbow nails // @modelsown

#omd2 Pastel Rainbow Models Own -003

For the rainbow challenge I had the (at the time, I thought great) idea of doing a pastel rainbow. So, I grabbed my Models Own Fruit Pastel Box Set, and went for a vertical gradient.

#omd2 Pastel Rainbow Models Own

There are a few things I realised in the process. Firstly, I used a white base to try to help speed things up. Actually, that could have been skipped!

Secondly, vertical gradients are hard!! I tried to gradient with a sponge, then with a fan brush… Didn’t work! The smoothest way turned out to be to paint half of each nail heavily, then mix the ‘middle bit’ together with a paintbrush before moving onto the next nail.

And the third thing I learned (well, remembered) – pastels = instant tan!#omd2 Pastel Rainbow Models Own -001

The scent of the banana one (the only one of the collection that I dislike) was a bit overwhelming, but otherwise it was pretty cool to rock some sweet ‘n’ fruity nail art for a day!#omd2 Pastel Rainbow Models Own -002 #omd2 Pastel Rainbow Models Own -004


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#omd2nails Galaxy Nail Art // Models Own Beetlejuice

#omd2nails Galaxy Nail Art Models Own Beetlejuice

Aren’t galaxy nails awesome?! Super easy to do, funky, and flatters any skin tone <3

For this mani I put on a black base, then used a fine sponge to add ‘splotches’ of Aqua VioletEmerald Black and Purple Blue, from the Beetlejuice collection by Models Own. Then I sponged a little white, and some more black, and used a nail art pen to add stars. Easy, fast, and very trendy!
#omd2nails Galaxy Nail Art Models Own Beetlejuice -001 Continue reading →

#omd2nails Abstract Nail Art // using @barrymcosmetics Bright Purple, Fuchsia + Pink Flamingo

#omd2nails abstract barry m nail polish

I’ve been in a bit of a funk recently, but these nails sure did cheer me up!

I’ve never quite ‘got’ abstract art – I guess I’m just a practical, hands-on kinda person, so there’s a point when it gets too ‘out there’ for me. So for this nail art, I decided to get really abstract, and based it on De Stijl – but recreated the look in my favourite shades of pink :) #omd2nails abstract barry m Bright Purple, Fuchsia, Pink Flamingo -001 Continue reading →

#OMD2nails – 3D Nail Art

#OMD2nails 3D cube Nail Art Ciaté Boudoir Fade to Grey Chinchilla

This was technically the prompt for the 12th, but I’m playing catch-up (what a surprise!) – isn’t it strange how the day is even shorter than you expect it to be? I mean, I’m coming up to 10 000 days old, and I still don’t get as much done in a day as I expect to!

Anywhoo, these are my ’3D’ nails. I didn’t use a 3D piece of nail art stuff, because… well, I don’t have one! So I went for a 3-D cube effect, and checked with the Bloke that he finds this more ’3D’ than ‘abstract’ before I published this ;-)

The polishes I used are (in the photo above, L-R) : Ciaté Boudoir, Fade to Greige Chinchilla. I also used a lovely polish (below) by Paul & Joe for my thumb & little finger (just to avoid the nail art being too-much). The only identification of the colour I can find is Nail Enamel C 005 on the box – but the basic colour is a very dark blue-grey with a tonne of pretty silvery sparkles :)

#OMD2nails 3D cube Nail Art Continue reading →

#OMD2nails – Ikat Nail Art

#omd2nails Ikat nail art -001

For my Ikat nails, I found it quite hard to choose a colour scheme! So I let myself be inspired by Shimmer Polish Kim, and picked out three China Glaze cremes for the nail art - Sunday Funday (turquoise), Man Hunt (dark blue) and Fade into Hue (periwinkle/lavendar-blue).

#omd2nails Ikat nail art -003

Although I love the colours, I’m not entirely happy at how messy my Ikat pattern is!  Continue reading →

#OMD2nails Jelly

#OMD2nails jelly gelly -002

This is a hard nail art to talk about!

The first reason for that is that the brand of the pink jelly I used… well, I bought a couple of their polishes before I realised that the brand (O.P.I.) not only refuses to communicate about animal testing, they actually try to obscure the fact that their parent corporation actively engages in bunny-torturing! I mean, I know that ‘disgusting’ is a strong word… but really, in 2014?! do any of us expect money that we spend on nail polish to go to animal testing companies?

Anyway *rant over… for now*

I enjoy wearing sheer shades, but usually I go for shades with a sparkle (not necessarily glitter, just a bit of shimmer)… so this mani was an experiment for me. I did all of the stars in white with a Barry M Nail Art Pen (and they don’t test on animals!). It came out okay, but I prefer the graphic look of classic manis, this is maybe too subtle for me :)

I realise I’m skipping a bit in this challenge! Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it :) sCheck out the other Jelly nail art below :

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