What Happened to the Crackle? // Barry M – Croc Nail Effects

Barry M Croc Crackle

Am I the only one that is still rather fond of crackle polish? It’s such an easy, quick nail art fix! My favourite is Barry M Croc Nail Effects Paint in black – but I did love the classic crackles, too. I’m wearing my black crackle over two coats of A England Encore Margot, and my accent nails are painted with a Different Dimension polish called Black Delilah – which doesn’t seem to be available any more, but they do have several other lovely sparklies!








Nail Art Ideas Linkup // Gold #NAILlinkup


Don’t you just love gold nails?! so blingy :)

For this nail art, I used a different technique – I put on my base colour, then pressed gold glitter into it while it was still tacky. I love the slight texture that this gave, and think it looks especially great over black! Also, usually when I do a leopard nail art, I use a dotting tool or nail art pen. This time, I used the bottle brush, carefully wiped off and actually, I prefer this look! it’s a little more splodgy (maybe more realistic?) and looks so fun over the gritty texture of the glitter!

Don’t forget to go right to the bottom of the page to see our gold nail art gallery!

Products Used 

Gold Foil Nail Paint – Barry M

Copper Foil Nail Paint – Barry M

Black polish – Camelot by A England

Gold Holo Glitter (no brand, from closed store NailDelights.com)

Base Coat – Butter London Horse Power

Top Coat – Seche Vite

Gold Leopard Nails

Gold Nail Art


Gold Glitter Mani

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Cirque – Sky Woman

Cirque Nail Lacquer Sky Woman

I have a swatch post for you today!

I don’t do swatches very often recently – that’s because I don’t have very recent polish to show you, especially since we’re saving up for the wedding :) This is a special one though – it’s my very first Cirque nail polish!

This post is a little photo heavy…. Sorry about that – the light was just so fantastic, it made me fall in love with my camera all over again, haha

Sky Woman is an incredible linear holo in a shade of blue that I think is best described as blue jean. Although, it’s also a bit like periwinkle. Or like a really bright blue piece of plastic that has been left out in the sun all summer. Very pretty, right?!

I used two coats with a regular base and top coat, and when the polish is dry, it is a little funny textured – like a metallic that is very slightly grainy. Anyway, with top coat it is super shiny, of course.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that this polish doesn’t wear off easily at all. I have been wearing it for 4 days, and my day job involves a lot of typing. Yet, I only have the tiniest bit of tip wear – and the holo really packs a punch! Of course, it isn’t so visible in low light, and just looks like a silver dusting to the polish. But in sun light or under a lamp – bam! all the colours really come out :)

Application was fine, the first coat felt a little odd and patchy – but then bright blues often do. The second coat was fine though. I noticed that to start with, there were sometimes darker blue streaks, but I think that the holo particles settle out again just fine, as long as you apply fairly quickly and don’t mess with it – but then if you mess with any polish as it’s drying, you are likely to get lumps! I did get a picture of the brush though, because to me, that’s a really important part of a good polish – the Cirque brush is fairly classic, relatively long and not really thick or thin. One particular thing I noticed, is that it is super flexible, so it’s really very easy to get a smooth, even application. I can definitely see why this brand is so beloved of nail bloggers the world over <3

Cirque Nail Polish Bottle Brush


Nail Macro Photo

Blue Holo Nails
Cirque Sky Woman Blue Nail Polish

Cirque Sky Woman Swatch

Closeup Photo of Sky Woman by Cirque

Closeup Photo of Sky Woman

Holographic Blue Mani

OMGNailStrips // LED Nail Decals!

PicMonkey Collage

OMG Nail Strips LED Nail Decals – product kindly provided by company for review. All views are my own. For more information, feel free to check out my disclosure policy.


Well, I am a lucky little blogger! The nice people over at OMG Nail Strips sent me a very cool new product to try! LED Nail Decals! I saw these on Instagram and was very impressed – they work using NFC technology, and I was lucky enough to get two packs to try – I think that this is the link to the exact product, which retails at $5.99 (free shipping – worldwide!). These are really cute LED lights that work with NFC technology. That’s got something to do with electro-magnetics, apparently! Anyway, it’s a technology that some places are starting to use to let you pay for small purchases with your phone, buy or validate travel tickets, or, in my case, when I get in from work, I bump my phone on an NFC tag to get music going on my little bluetooth speakers!


The LED strip is a little tiny chip embedded in a clear gel-like strip. I would recommend holding it over your nail and cutting down the cuticle-end to size before you place the LED on your nail. I made the mistake of ruining a pack by just whipping it out and sticking it down. Then deciding I wanted to trim it. And I don’t know if the adhesive stayed on my nail, or if my base coat came up and stuck to it, but it did stop it from sticking down again. So, take note – these aren’t easily repositionable. They do seem to be designed for a long-term use, though, so that’s to be expected.


Also, since I’m admitting to my failings, I’m not the most technologically-minded of people. The LED didn’t seem to want to work with my phone to start with. So I installed a free ‘NFC Card Reader’ app, and as soon as that was activated, it worked perfectly! I suspect it depends on the model of your phone, but I have a fancy Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, and I found that the LED worked within about an inch of the chip in my phone. It does seem to blink more strongly and faster when it’s really close, though. It would be so fun to try these with a NFC card reader! Apparently that’s what the cool Japanese nail art enthusiasts are doing, especially since NFC technology is already more in use there than it is here in lil’ ol’ France. And, if you do have trouble using these, I’m sure that you can send an email to OMG Nail Decals – they do seem to be happy to help!

 Of course, you can decorate these however you like, be it with nail polish or decals, or whatever! I opted to use the cute little pink rose decal – which came included in the pack, along with a little butterfly, hearts, flowers, a snowflake…  and it’s not just adorable, but it also makes nail art easy, and I decided it would look great with a pale grey and some stamping. I did get red chips in my packs, but the pale grey polish went over the gel strip and covered the basic chip colour really easily.

When the light isn’t blinking, it looks a kind of pale yellow colour. When it does flicker on, it is really quite bright for such a little thing! It won’t blind you or anything, but it is definitely eye catching. It definitely is tricky to photograph, though, since of course to show off the decal, you need quite strong light, but that makes the LED look less bright… Anyway, do be aware that it is brighter than in my photos – although in the photo below, the LED is off – just so you can see what it looks like :)


If I have one criticism – and I think that this is a very detail-oriented company, so they might already be working on this – it’s that the decal seemed to lift a little (especially near my cuticle, where the nail bed is most curved). It pushes back down quite easily, and for a longer use, you can definitely use some nail glue to get them really stuck solid. Maybe if it was a bit more flexible, it might have stayed stuck to my nail better. Also, I have a rather strong curve to my nail, both side-to-side and tip-to-cuticle, so I don’t think this will be a problem at all for most people.

And, on the up side, these LEDs are tough! After a lot of messing around, and even using (acetone-free) polish remover, it still worked! So you can definitely get quite a bit of use out of each decal.

Also, I love how the decal doesn’t look too flashy or ‘weird’ for every day use – it’s a classic nail art design, and only lights up when you want it to – which, if you like messing around with these things as much as I do – is a lot! I spent a good few hours playing with these – both in the pack and on my nails, and I didn’t see any sign of the LED tiring out :)

Nail Art LED Stickers

You may also be interested to know, that the adhesive didn’t damage my natural nail in any way. Of course, I used a base coat, but just one coat of a basic clear one. When it came to removing the decal, a little residue was left, that came off very easily with polish remover, and that was all – not even a scratch from where I had pushed the LED firmly to stick it down.

To see other designs, you may want to take a look at the Instagram feed, the Facebook page or the website. Of course, OMG do make nail decals, too – I was lucky enough to get some to try last year – you can see my posts here and here :)

Other products used (all purchased by myself) :

- pink nail polish : Barry M – Fuchsia

- white nail polish : Barry M – Matt White

- multi glitter polish : Barry M – Amethyst Glitter

- pale grey nail polish : Zoya – Dove

- top coat : Seche Vite

OMG LED for nail art

OMG Nail LED decals

Nail Art LED Lights
OMG Nail Strips LED Nail Decals – product kindly provided by company for review. All views are my own. For more information, feel free to check out my disclosure policy.

Butter London – Airy Fairy


Good evening!

Just a quick one tonight – otherwise, we will (once again) be late for dinner with family/friends… Yep, we’re that couple. Which is odd, because at work we are both always on time, if not early, yet at the weekend… well, you get the picture!

This evening’s mani is a simple one, using Airy Fairy by Butter London. This is a fantastic shimmery indigo, that has a bit of a gelly texture, and a very-nearly-almost duochrome thang going on. And it’s utterly stunning over black, right?!

I used two coats (over black), and found it to be quite a slow dryer, but easy to remove, and very, very pretty! So, a big win for me. Perfect for special occasions, right?!


Butter London Airy Fairy



Picture Polish – Camo // Spring Nail Art

Picture Polish Camo

Sometimes I may come across as being anti-girly nails. I’m really not, I promise! I just feel like sometimes I wear too much pink and red and not enough green and blue :)

So, I fancied a good mid-season nail art, with a non-girly base, and realised that I have never actually worn my Picture Polish Camo gasp. Well, it’s an amazing polish, nearly a one-coater, and pretty fast drying too. Then I stamped in white first, and black afterwards, and hey presto!
Nail Art

Bottle Photo Picture Polish Camo

Picture Polish Nail Art

Khaki Green Nails

Floral Nail Art

NCLA – Rush Hour

NCLA Rush Hour

Good evening!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend :)

I was craving some fierce nails, and, spurred on by some new polish that my (gorgeous!) mister-to-be gifted me, the base just had to be the fantastic NCLA Rush Hour. Then, I sponged a quick gradient to black and whipped on my favourite matte topcoat – by Butter London – it is so matte! and hey presto :)

NCLA Rush Hour Bottle Nail Polish




Nail Art Ideas Linkup // March Themes #NAILlinkup


March is upon us which means we’re back with another edition of our monthly Nail Art Ideas Linkup! We’re happy to say that our themes this month have a little something for everyone. You know you’ll be painting some Irish cheer on your nails, so of course we have a St. Patty’s day prompt. But we also threw some Disney in the mix to shake things up! Join our linkup and don’t miss your chance to share your March nails with the nail art community–

March2015Linkupweek 1- Cinderella Guaranteed to be the big hit of 2015, this classic tale is coming to theaters again! How will Cinderella and her fairytale ending inspire your nail art?

week 2- Gold Maybe there’s a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow? March is the perfect time to pull out your metallic gold nail polishes.

week 3- St. Patrick’s Day Us nail art enthusiasts will never let a holiday slip by us. Shamrocks, green lacquer and glitter…. you know the drill!

week 4- Chevron Chevron manicures always look trendy and eye-catching. There’s multiple nail art techniques to create this v-shaped pattern – stamping, hand-painting, stencils, stickers. How will you achieve a chevron mani?



  1. Paint your nails using the suggested theme.
  2. Post your pics on your blog, instagram, tumblr, etc.
  3. Enter your post into our inlinkz below so everyone can see your pics*.






Do one of the weekly themes, or do them all. It’s up to you! The dates for each week are only suggestions- you can post your nails whenever you want in March and you don’t have to do them in order. We encourage everyone to join in no matter what platform you use- blog, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Don’t forget to share your nail pics via the inlinkz. Inlinkz will be open all month. You can use hashtag #NAILlinkup on your social media and please share our March graphic too!

*Optional for Bloggers – the following links will take you to a page where you can get the code to add the Inlinkz gallery to your blog: CINDERELLA / GOLD / ST. PATRICKS DAY / CHEVRON



NAIL ART IDEAS LINKUP is hosted by Brijits Digits, Craftynail, Eeeek Nail Polish! and Nail That Accent!. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all. You can also read more info about our monthly linkup on our blog links below. We look forward to seeing your nails this March!

Happy painting,

Brijit from Brijits Digits

Jacqui from Craftynail

Jemma from Eeeek! Nail Polish!

Lindsay from Nail That Accent!

ILNP // Molly x Contraband

I Love Nail Polish Ruffian Mani

Good evening!

I hope everyone’s having a nice weekend :) we started ours yesterday, at the Salon d’Agriculture in Paris. Good eats, fun shopping, and I made a new sheepy friend who seemed to want to eat my jeans. We try to go every year


Now, I don’t know about you, but when I have a favourite polish, I don’t like to cover it up with complicated nail art. So this weekend’s mani is a ruffian – both polishes from I Love Nail Polish Molly is the pinky/magenta and Contraband is the purple full of glass flecks <3ILNP Ruffian Mani Nail Art 7

I Love Nail Polish Contraband Molly

ILNP Ruffian Mani

Butter London // Thames

Butter London Thames

Good evening!

Just a quick post from me tonight, since it’s nearly impossible to get good photos some evenings, and I don’t feel especially chatty (bleh, Tuesday night and argh, upstairs-neighbours!). I don’t think I’ve shown you Butter London Thames before. Here, I’m wearing two coats over black. It’s a great green metallic (almost duochrome!) – but not especially exciting on its lonesome, so I did a quick French nail art with the Full Monty (also by Butter London). Not bad, eh? :)

Winter French Mani

Butter London the Full Monty and Thames

Green Gold Nail Art

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