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Happy Birthday Pmabelle!

The beautiful Jo Jo3jeans  kindly organized a small list, a small pool, and Tequi  provided a nice big logo to share with all! It’s great, is not it? And everything for an adorable girl! Our theme is rock revolution, with only one constraint – at least one black nail   So I really wanted to […]

Dark Nails for OMD2nails Black Matte Nail Art

Hi honey pies! I hope everyone’s having a nice weekend I went shopping with the Bloke yesterday, so I’m catching up on 2 nail arts for the OMD2 Challenge today. First up – dark nails. Nothing’s darker than black, right?!  This is another nice simple one, I put on 2 coats of Barry M Black Nail […]

31DC2013 – Blue Nails

I do enjoy having blue nails, it always seems to be the colour that gets me the most compliments ! So I have several great blue polishes. Today I decided to use Kiko 386 – Soft Pastel Blue. Well, this polish isn’t soft or pastel, but by golly is it blue! I was inspired by […]

Nail Fix Technique – Silk Wraps

It happens to the best (and worst) of us – a torn nail ! And it usually happens when you have a full set of nice long nails. But don’t fret, there is a fix! I’ve been using this method for a while, and it is a total life-saver. But I’ve learnt a lot through […]

April Challenge – Day 9 Plaid (Tartan)

This one caused me a bit of hassle, on two counts – (1) I had to google ‘plaid’ to work out what we needed to do sorry, but I live in France, where a ‘plaid’ is a blanket. Actually, I think we are supposed to do a tartan pattern. I hope so, anyway ! (2) my […]


Welcome to the Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux! The OMD2 is a 31 day international nail art challenge in July- with prizes! ! Anyone with a passion for nail art can join. For each of the 31 designs that you complete you earn a chance to win a prize in the end. You don’t have […]

Nail Art Ideas Linkup in November …

But that would mean that our spooky and scary nail arts are almost over! So this is the time to unveil themes for next month (from Monday). You can make a nail art, all, and in the order you want (the dates are only for those that are motivated by deadlines). We are flexible!  

Recent (ish) Awards!

I’ve been such a bad blogger recently! I got nominated for a few blog awards, and although (I’m fairly sure) I took the time to thank the gorgeous ladies that nominated me, I haven’t found time to post about them! Actually, I have a horrible feeling that I’ve forgotten one, so if you nominated me […]

Naillinkup Gradient

Mine was nice. I’ve been messing about a lot with jewellery making, and my new flame-thrower (soldering flame) arrived 🙂 I haven’t really used it yet, but I did light it up, and it’s very powerful! I’m a bit scared of losing my eyebrows…