Sassy Nails // Butter London – Come to Bed Red

Butter London Nail Foundation Come to Bed Red

What do you do when  you have a few free days left before starting a new job? Especially when you don’t know what the policy on nail art is going to be (it didn’t seem appropriate to ask in the interview…)

Sassy nails! of course :)

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#NAILlinkup – Geometric // OMG Nail Strips

OMG Nail Strips Zoya Ziv

OMG Nail Strips – product kindly provided by company for review. All views are my own. For more information, feel free to check out my disclosure policy.

Using nail strips is not cheating! It’s really hard to do geometric nail art freehand, and I didn’t have any stamped patterns that I fancied :)

So I paired Zoya Ziv with some black and white nail wraps by OMG Nail Strips. I try not to repeat myself (though I realise it doesn’t always work), so if you want my full opinion on OMG Nail Strips, you probably want to see my review post here :) if you’re not interested in reading all that – just know that I find these utterly fantastic! High quality, easy to use, reasonable price… you get the picture :)

And now for the nails!

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#NAILlinkup – Panda

Panda Nail Art Closeup Photo

I’ve been thinking a lot about why I’m feeling less inspired about nail art recently. I have been wearing nail polish – but since I already swatched them, I didn’t see that it would be great to post them here.
I think I’ve figured out the ‘funk’, though. See, when I was working full-time, I had a very regular schedule, and it really helped me to stay focussed. Well, since I haven’t been working for a while, I got out of the rhythm and didn’t really pick it up again. Which is strange, because I still get up and do stuff… you know, the gym, putting up shelves, working on knitting patterns, making some Christmas gifts… just not nail art. It’s not like I’ve been feeling depressed (I’ve been enjoying the freedom!), I guess my time has just been spent elsewhere.

Well, the good news is that the funk is over! I have found a job. And I’m really looking forward to starting next week! I like the company, I like the people, I like the hours (and travel to the office), which are a lot more manageable than what I was doing. And I think I’ll like the job too :)

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Shimmer Polish – Sophie

Closeup of Swatch Shimmer Polish Sophie

Good evening!

I had another interview today, so I decided to do a nudey-nail detox by going crazy on the glitter!

Here is Shimmer PolishSophie

This polish- like other Shimmers- is a complex mix of many colours. The colour I see most in it is a peachy pink, But there’s also gold, red, purple, black, and some iridescent pieces that carry a green tone! Stuuuuuning!

Also, like other Shimmer Polish, it’s easy to apply, dries fast, and only takes 2 – 3 coats to get this ‘metallic foil’ effect. Sure, the base is a little thicker – that’s what stops the glitter from sinking. But that base won’t stay thick once it’s dried on your nail, it evaporates off most of the bulk. Of course, being a glitter polish, your nail polish remover won’t get under the glitter pieces very easily, but persist a little and it will come off (but don’t skip the base coat!).

I haven’t taken a macro shot in ages, possibly since I got this DSLR! How does this look? :)

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Autumn + Holo – Inspiration = This Nail Art!


I think it’s okay to admit that I’m not feeling terribly inspired recently. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still painting my nails, and enjoying it! But I’m spending a lot of energy trying to get an interview right (gotta work at some point!), and making some yummy handmade Christmas presents (not very compatible with wet nails!), so posts have slowed up a bit here. But I’m still here, and still painting! Continue reading →

Ciaté // Chinchilla x Raspberry Collins

Ciaté Nail Art Raspberry Collins Chinchilla -001

Good evening!

I wanted to post last night but came down with a bit of a migraine (it happens, rarely, but when it does, there isn’t much I can do about it!). So here I am today instead :)

Don’t you just love pink and grey together?! I paired Chinchilla and Raspberry Collins by Ciaté and decided to try and rock the VL 001 stamping plate (the one that went squiffy due to user error last time) :)

I stamped with Dance Legend T-1000, to bring a bit of sparkle to the combo
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NCLA // Hello I Love You

NCLA Hello I Love You without top coat -001

It feels like an eternity since my last ‘just a swatch’ post! Let’s see if I can remember how this goes :)

I really fancied wearing a classic red when I did my nails last night. But after about 30 seconds, I realised that I haven’t worn this lovely raspberry on it’s own before! I just love this kind of colour, so I have NCLA Hello I Love You! to show you today :)

I did take many, many more photos last night… But since I also had a couple of glasses of gin & tonic, most of them were too squiffy to use, oops!

I used 3 coats of this polish. It’s one of those polishes, that on a first coat looks like it will be a nightmare to use. But actually, it evens out just fine. The brush is nice and full, so it applies fast. If I had short nails, 2 coats would have been plenty, but I wanted to really hide my tips. It’s a fair amount darker on the nail than it is in the bottle, but that’s no biggie – it seems to happen a lot with berry-like shades.

It dries very fast, to a semi-matte finish. I love semi-matte polish! I really do. But I can’t go around without top coat (I’m not an animal!), so my last two photos are glossy, with top coat :)

NCLA Hello I Love You without top coat -003

NCLA Hello I Love You without top coat


NCLA Hello I Love You without top coat -002

NCLA Hello I Love You with top coat -001

NCLA Hello I Love You with top coat

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ILNP// Rainbow Skittle

Cover Photo ILNP Rainbow Skittle Ombré Nail Art

Good evening!

Thank you for your well-wishes for my interview a couple of days ago :) it went very well! I didn’t get compliments on my nails, and I only got 95% (?!) in my English test (bearing in mind it was for a French temp agency…), but the consultant was extremely positive, and it sounds like I’ll be hearing back from them soon!

After such a mature, professional mani, I just had to go a little crazy :) I couldn’t decide which dark, saturated holo to go for first, so I picked 5 of my favourites by I Love Nail PolishRehab, Indie Go, Purple Plasma, Bikini Bottoms and Molly. I only needed two coats of each, and they dried very fast :) I’m gonna love watching this mani sparkle for the next few days!

ILNP Rainbow Skittle Ombré Nail Art

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Interview Nails // Butter London – Tea with the Queen

Butter London Tea with the Queen -003

I was planning on doing something a bit more crazy with my nails today, but since I got a call this afternoon for an interview tomorrow, I decided I had better not! I mean, I would love to stay jobless and knit all day… but at some point I will run out of yarn and not be able to buy anymore ^_^ so I guess I’d better make the effort to look like a mature, professional adult, right?! Sadly, I’m not interviewing to be a nail artist – just an admin temp – but who knows? maybe I’ll really love  it! I’m not the type to stress over interviews. I’m not usually a confident person, but I do come across fairly well. I have experience, and English is my first language, which can be hard to find out here. Plus, for an Englisher, my French is prettttty good. Oh, and you know when they ask if you know Excel? Well, I was the one in my last job that everyone asked when they couldn’t get Excel to work. Yeah, I got this.

I used Butter London Tea with the Queen (my perfect fall neutral) to do a Vanilla mani. But it’s a damn pretty Vanilla mani! I mean, if I need to prove that I pay great attention to detail…. hello, perfect nails?! (teehee)

Butter London Tea with the Queen

Butter London Tea with the Queen -004

Butter London Tea with the Queen -005

Butter London Tea with the Queen -006

Butter London Tea with the Queen -007

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