November Themes for Nail Art Ideas Linkup #NAILlinkup


Happy Hallowe’en! The spooky season is nearly over, and so it’s time we let you in on our new themes for the November edition of our monthly Nail Art Ideas Linkup. Do one theme, do them all, or do them out of order. Our N.A.I.L. linkup challenge is flexible! So let’s take a look at our new prompts…

NAILlinkup Nov 2014 EN 480


Theme 1 - PANDAS Sadly, there are lots of animals that need our help. But pandas, thanks to their incredible cuteness, are one of the symbolic animals of vulnerable species everywhere. Show your support to our furry friends with some panda nail art!

Theme 2 - GEOMETRIC Still a hot trend in nail art! Geometric nails can be done in so many different ways, you can use striping tape, a nail art pen, a decal, sticker or wrap… Surprise us!

Theme 3 - DREAMCATCHERS  A Native American tradition, the dream catcher is said to trap bad dreams in the night, and only let good ones through. The bad dreams then turn to dust in the light of day. We like to think that they might work even better if they’re on your nails, too!

Theme 4 - MUSIC Whether you want to find inspiration in a favourite song, genre or instrument, or show us what music means to you for the last prompt in November!


How to Enter the November N.A.I.L. -

  1. Paint your nails using the suggested theme.
  2. Post your pics on your blog, instagram, tumblr, etc.
  3. Enter your post into our inlinkz below so everyone can see your pics.





Do one of the weekly themes, or do them all. It’s up to you! The dates for each week are only suggestions- you can post your nails whenever you want from the 3rd to the 30th November and you don’t have to do them in order. We encourage everyone to join in no matter what platform you use- blog, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Don’t forget to share your nail pics via the inlinkz. These inlinkz will be open all month for entries. You can use hashtag #NAILLINKUP on your social media and please feel free to share our graphic.

OPTIONAL FOR BLOGGERS- these links will take you to the code to add the Inlinkz to your blog page! Pandas, Geometric, Dreamcatchers, Music


NAIL ART IDEAS LINKUP is hosted by Brijits Digits, Craftynail, Eeeek Nail Polish! and Nail That Accent!. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all! You can also read more info about our monthly linkup on our blog links below. We look forward to seeing your nails this November!

happy painting,

Brijit from Brijits Digits

Jacqui from Craftynail

Jemma from Eeeek! Nail Polish!

Lindsay from Nail That Accent!


#NAILlinkup – Spooky // Butter London – La Moss

Butter London La Moss Spooky Eyes Hallowe'en Nail Art -004


I feel like I’m posting a lot this week – I hope you’re not sick of me!

This evening, I’ve prepped my nails for Hallowe’en tomorrow ^_^ I went with some spooky eyes on a black background. It’s been a while since I did that. And I forgot what a pain it is! I do my nails, wait forever for them to dry… yet they smudge when I topcoat anyway. Then I fix them up, wait another forever, and what happens? Gah! You guessed it. So, they’re a bit smudgy, but tough. Them’s my nails, and I can wear them smudgy if I like :)

The gorgeous, deep red is Butter London La Moss. Imagine my shock when I realised I never wore this before! It’s been in my stash for well over a year… maybe two. But the seal was untouched !

Butter London La Moss Spooky Eyes Hallowe'en Nail Art Continue reading →

Guest post over at Craftynail!


Good evening!

Just a little note to say, Brijits Digits are featured over at Jacqui’s blog tonight – click the image to see the full-colour version :) enjoy! Autumn-Nail-Art-A-England-Ozotic-502-Close-Up-28-10-2014-22-25-47-1024x682

China Glaze// Elephant Walk

China Glaze Elephant Walk -002

Hi lovelies!

Today I just have a quickie for you – to show you what I have been wearing on my nails this weekend (since making Jem cry with her birthday surprise, haha!).  Continue reading →

Eeeek! Happy Birthday <3

Jem's Bday Graphic with names

Today is a special day, it’s the lovely Jemma’s birthday!

Jem is the genius behind Eeeek! Nail Polish, and the only blog-friend that I’ve met in person (I think!) – although there are a few lovely ladies that I chat to regularly. She is a sweetie, and so a few of us launched an evil plot got together to wish her a very Happy Birthday :)

She might have seen a curious spike in her traffic recently, because most of us decided we would like to recreate one of her gorgeous manicures to show you all how talented she is! Continue reading →

Squiffy Skull Stamping


When Manis Go Wrong. Wouldn’t that be a great title for a horror film?!

… ok, maybe not. But, sigh, this one did. It was set up to be perfect! The gradient went just right. The stamps picked up nicely… and then I placed them all squiffy :-/

IMG_3571 Continue reading →

Polish Storage!


Good evening!

I have a bit of an issue tonight. See; Good Kitty likes to torture me by pushing me off my own pillow in the night, and I wake up with a super sore neck :( so I can’t do nail art tonight – I just can’t look down very easily! Normal service will resume soon.

In the meantime, I thought I’d make the most of it to show you my new polish storage system. I’m quite proud, as I DIY-ed it myself!

A lot of polish enthusiasts swear by the Helmer (35€ or about $40 from Ikea) – apparently it’s compact but roomy. Well, not me! I’m not putting my beautiful polish away in a drawer! And also, it really wouldn’t go with the rest of our furniture.

Other polishistas go for the racks, like you have in salons; but where I am, I couldn’t find any that would be delivered for less than a small fortune. Besides, we’re in a rented flat, so don’t want to make too many holes in the walls if we can avoid it. So, last time we went to Ikea (it’s just down the road from us, very handy!) and got some new shelves (just 25€ /about $30 each), the mister-to-be agreed I could find a way to fix up some polish racks in there. And we found these - exactly the same colour as the shelves, and only €5 (about $7) each !

So, with the help of a few brackets, wood screws and extra-strong glue (just to be sure!), I whipped up some storage :)


Polish Storage

I do have a further 4 racks in another set of shelves, to accommodate all the China Glaze, and other brands, that I have, but this one is the main storage :)

Up top I have a deep shelf (just above my eye level, I’m quite tall for a girl) – a square vase for all my brushes and nail art gubbins, my lovely Shimmer polish is up there too, with the bottles of brands that I don’t have many of (I like to collect brands en masse!). Then the first polish rack is for Models Own.
Polish Storage -001

Under that we have the indie shelf – from left to right - Fanchromatic Polish, Different DimensionBlack Sheep LacquerDarling DivaPhilly Loves NailsNorthern StarPretty & PolishedPolish Alcoholic and Pixie Polish. It’s a bit of a shame that the racks, because they have a high lip, hide the bottles a bit, but at least we know they won’t fall off easily…

Under that rack, we have one with HerômeKikoCiaté and Barry M… and then a deep shelf again with A Englands, Zoya and my nail art pens.Polish Storage -002

Then, to lighten it up a bit, I transferred over some display cases I already had, with the brands I keep in there – mostly boutique brands – OzoticPicture Polish, GoshILNPNCLA and Butter London… and any bits and bobs that I haven’t taken the time to tidy away yet ;-)

Polish Storage -003What do you think? How do you store your polish? When I was young, my mum kept hers in the fridge (it was kinda fun to look through when I was supposed to be having my breakfast, heehee!) – she had read somewhere it kept the polish from getting thick over time.


#NAILlinkup Favourite Indie

Darling Diva Blonde Tornado

This prompt is the one I’ve struggled over the most!

Thing is, I freaking love indie polish! I have a lot of Picture Polish A Englands and ILNPs, but… They’re kind of bigger than indies, right? So I’ve decided they don’t count – they are more like boutique brands (don’t ask me what the difference is). And, of course, my actual favorite indie is Polish Alcoholic. After all, Sabrina is a sweetheart and her polish is awesome. But, I used my favorite quite recently. So, I decided to go for Darling Diva. After all, it’s one of the first indies I discovered, and it is super gorgeous!

I have a few that I love, but Blonde Tornado is the one that I love the best. The colour is hard to describe, I think the best I can do is : a copper-rose foil with golden undertones and a tonne of holo.

I didn’t want to cover it in nail art, so I just added a few studs. They drove me crazy! So fiddly… and as I type this, I just lost one in my hair!  Continue reading →

OMG Nail Strips

OMG Nail Strips Crow

OMG Nail Strips – product kindly provided by company for review. All views are my own. For more information, feel free to check out my disclosure policy.

Although I believe that most nail art can be achieved with enough time and patience, sometimes a quick fix, like using nail strips, is by far easier! So I’m really pleased to have some to show you today, from the nice people at OMG Nail Strips . I was allowed to pick which ones to try, and these crows really jumped out at me – seasonal, Gothic, and I would never manage to freehand something like this! I paired them with Butter London Old Blighty, a saturated brick red gelly. And the nail strips didn’t fail me! Continue reading →

#naillinkup – Textured // Zoya Matte Velvet + Pixie Dust

L-R : (Matte Velvet) Loredana, (Matte Velvet)  Verushka, Dove & (Pixie Dust) London

L-R : (Matte Velvet) Loredana, (Matte Velvet)  Verushka, Dove & (Pixie Dust) London

I’m not the greatest fan of textured nail polish. I like the look, but I prefer my nails to be smooth. So really the only one I have is Zoya London. I grabbed a couple of matte polishes to go with it, and a shiny one (Zoya Dove) that I used a Spectraflair top coat over to set it off.


Please excuse the scratches on my hands – the cat needs to take antibiotics. He’s a good boy, but they don’t taste great…. so he tries to push my hands away. I mean, I could have edited the scratches out, but really… I didn’t want my hands looking all plasticky and weird (like the Zoya promo pics, haha!).  Continue reading →

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