As if I needed to get hooked on another brand, I’ve found that I actually can get indie polishes delivered ! (apparently it’s a different postman, one that actually does his job!). So I’ve got a few indie swatching sessions coming up for you ! Now, I make a point of letting all sellers of indie polish know that I’m intending to review them, so they can opt out if they so wish. As these brands are so new, and so personal, I don’t want to step on any toes ! I love polish, and I consider investing in these to be just like any other sale. So I usually wait until I have received the order before saying I’d like to share on my blog. No pressure ! So far, no-one has said that they would rather not be reviewed. So that’s good news for you guys :)

Darling Diva was the first one that got delivered. Dispatch was extremely speedy, and Carrie’s kind enough to not just let me, but encourage me to share these with you!

So here we go …

Channeling Coco was the first one I cracked open !

This is a pretty, milky pink with different sized black and pink hex glitter in it. From the looks of things, the photo in Darling Diva‘s Etsy shop is of the polish over a white base. So we already know what that looks like, and to mix things up a bit, I decided to put this on a naked nail and see how it builds up!

It actually only took 3 coats, and is nearly opaque. The pink is a bit pinker, and I love the semi-hidden glitter ! It must be said that I am awful at applying glitter polish. I’m a lots-of-thin-coats kinda gal! But this went on beautifully, it just slid onto my nail, with the glitter perfectly distributed. I don’t know how anyone could possibly formulate such a great polish – the glitter doesn’t sink or stick to the sides of the bottle.

Channelling Coco

I just love this polish so much ! Here’s another snap…



Some of the bigger hexes were harder to get off, but that’s to be expected !


Next up, Persephone – I’ll admit right away that I know nothing about duochromes, but as the photos of this on Etsy are over black/naked nail, I decided it would really pop over O.P.I.‘s Dim Sum Plum. Here’s one coat of each :

Darling Diva - Persephone (with flash)

I love how the finish is ever so slightly matte. Hell, it’s the shiniest matte polish in the world! Gorgeous. Hard to photo, but gorgeous.

I can’t wait to try this over every colour of polish that I own. I have a feeling that it will look great on anything!


Space Beetle is both duochrome and linear holographic ! I can actually not wait to blind people with this one in the summer. In the meantime, camera flashes bring out some of the magnificence. I tried it over 3 shades of blue, all Essie (Lapiz of LuxuryButler Please !, No More Film) :

Space Beetle

That’s just one coat, folks! Obviously two would be even more impressive, but this is one polish that I want to last for ever

Of course you want another photo of this one, I know you do !



So there you go, Darling Diva polish is very reasonably priced compared to luxury brands, and is absolutely stunning, so please, if you like what you see, check it out :)