Please note that I no longer recommend Bondi New York as a company. For a full explanation, please see this post.

Yay, my Bondi New York Subscription boxes were in my letter box when I got in last night !

There were a few hiccups with the delivery – it seems that USPS messed up a bit. Bondi were great about it and the information coming through was very helpful, so I wasn’t especially concerned. That said, the tracking number I had said that the box left the US less than 24 hours before I found it in my post box… so I don’t know what happened there, because I don’t live at the airport, and I know that La Poste is not that efficient!

The deal was 3 nail polishes and an extra surprise for $19.99 – including delivery. Then there was an offer for a second box (for yourself or someone else) for a further $15. An incredibly good deal, considering that usually Bondi polish retails at $12.50! Plus, it’s five-free and not animal tested* So of course I went for that :)

The boxes were packaged very carefully, with (I assume) eco-friendly cardboard slices, and a little thank you note (very cute!). The packing material left the bottles a little dusty, but that’s hardly the end of the world!

Bondi Box 1

So in the first box, there was a top/base coat called I’m Vers. I read some other reviews, and other people got hair products. That would have been fine, but a 5-free top/base coat is so much better! So I’m really happy about that :)

The colours are (from left to right) Strawberry FieldsStarry Night and The Limelight. I suspect I wasn’t the only one, but I did have a good look at the Bondi New York website, and Strawberry Fields is one of the polishes I was really hoping to try ! (along with Fuschia-istic and Horny Mistress, which I’m sorely tempted to order, actually…).

Bondi Box 2

And in the second box, I got another top/base coat (as I said, not a problem! I get through these so fast, I’m thrilled to have 2!) – and Lady LibertyStrawberry Fields & City Slicker. So I guess I wished too hard for Strawberry Fields, since I got two. That said, it’s not a big deal, I just need to decide if I’m going to keep it as a back up, use it for my next giveaway or gift it to a sister/friend (I suspect the sister option will be happening, since I’m going home next week…).

These polish bottles are very cute! The cap is attached to the brush, it’s not like a Butter London where you can lift it off and use the brush without. That’s actually not a bad thing, since I find larger caps more comfortable, and the matte surface is non-slip. That said, I do like to close my polish very firmly, which means the caps don’t quite line up with the body. But that’s just me.

First up, The Limelight. I wasn’t necessarily especially thrilled about the colour. But actually, when I tried it on, I fell in love !

Bondi New York - The Limelight

I used three coats, and the formula is wonderful. I tend to do thin coats, so I wasn’t surprised to use three. I’m sure that for most people this polish will be opaque in just 2. And damn, I love how this looks on my skin tone !

Bondi New York - The Limelight-001

It dries nice and fast for a creme, and the finish is lovely and shiny. Just stunning ! The smell is also pretty agreeable for a nail polish. I didn’t notice that in the others, but this one in particular smells kind of sweet and fruity (yes, I know I shouldn’t be sniffing nail polish…)

Bondi New York - The Limelight-002

Strawberry Fields is gorgeous, too ! I used three coats – more from habit than necessity, again. It does dry a little brighter than it looks in the bottle, but is just the most beautiful, warm red.

Bondi New York - Strawberry Fields

Actually, my camera even freaked out a bit at how bright it is !

Bondi New York - Strawberry Fields-001

The formula is super smooth and very shiny. It’s also a nice self-leveller. I know my photo is a bit iffy on that level, but it’s just because I slapped it on any old how, it doesn’t reflect on the polish 😉

Bondi New York - Strawberry Fields-002

Starry Night is Good Kitty’s favourite. He usually doesn’t get involved with nail polish, so that’s saying something 😉

Bondi New York - Starry Night

In ‘normal’ (natural & incandescent) lighting, this is a very dark aubergine with a hint of shimmer. I only needed 2 coats for opacity. It dries to a very shiny finish. Now I see why Good Kitty loves it so much !

Bondi New York - Starry Night-001

Here’s a picture with a bit more direct (LED) light, you can really see the sparkle !

Bondi New York - Starry Night-002

Lady Liberty is that lovely shade of pale green that has been so popular this season. 

Bondi New York - Lady Liberty

Admittedly, it is a little less self-levelling than the others, but still a very respectable formula. I used 3 coats to give it the best chance to self-level, although it was already opaque at 2. I do feel that this formula is slightly thicker than the others, and I had a little bubble trapped, so be careful not to shake this one too violently, it will need to re-settle before you use it.

Bondi New York - Lady Liberty-001

The finish again is lovely and shiny, and the drying time is pretty quick.

Bondi New York - Lady Liberty-002

City Slicker wasn’t especially exciting at first, but actually this colour is a real gem !

Bondi New York - City Slicker

The first coat was super sheer, so I was very surprised when the second coat was totally opaque! And to boot, it’s a fast-dryer, and dries to an almost wet-look finish <3

Bondi New York - City Slicker-001

It is a foil, and as such, has a potential to streak. But that said, I wasn’t especially careful, and I dont think it’s noticeably streaky here. And of course top coat goes a long way to fixing that!

Bondi New York - City Slicker-002

Overall I’m super impressed ! I will definitely keep my subscription running, and maybe even order those shades that I’m impatient to try. The only question I really have left is, since they ‘only’ have 20 shades, does that mean I will end up with them all in a few months, or will there be some new ones added to the collection?

* I couldn’t find this on the website, so I sent an email, and got a super-fast response :

“We do not test any of the finished products or the ingredients on animals, nor do our manufacturers.

Now here is the caveat! This does not mean that in the distant past the formulas were not tested on animals. It is very likely when it was not frowned upon as much that at some point during the formulation or manufacturing process that the company who originated the formula likely tested it on animals.

What I can assure you is that since we have been in business we do not test, will not test and will not work with suppliers or manufacturers that test on anyone other than a human ;)”
That’s good enough for me !